The Artists


Alexis Seepo


Alexis Seepo has been creating wearable works of art for over 40 years. Alexis has a B.S. in Art from Buffalo State University and has been an arts educator to adults and children throughout her career. At a young age, Alexis traveled throughout the world and was introduced to the art of masks. Her experiences abroad sparked a lifelong passion and allow her to draw inspiration from several cultures when designing and crafting her art. Ms. Seepo's museum quality craftsmanship and stunning design work have made her art the choice of collectors worldwide. In addition to being a mask maker, Alexis is also a collector with over 80 masks from around the world in her personal collection.


Jade Popkin


Jade Popkin, daughter of Alexis, has been working alongside her mother in the mask industry since a young age. Jade has studied various art mediums including drawing, painting, graphic and 2D Design at university level and through private studies. Jade dedicated many years to traveling around the world to locations including Europe, the Middle East, Australia, New Zealand and Central America.  During this time, she volunteered in various fields that she is highly passionate about: art education, agriculture, construction, cooking and outdoor education. Jade’s greatest inspiration for her art has blossomed from her travels and exploration of unique cultures, nature, and world music. Currently residing in Oregon, Jade continues to work for Gypsy Renaissance and hopes to carry out the legacy of her mother’s unique mask making for many years to come as the second generation artist.


The Art


Gypsy Renaissance's Wearable Works of Art

Gypsy Renaissance uses only the finest quality materials from around the world including feathers, fabrics, sequins, beads, jewels, and rhinestones. All Gypsy Renaissance pieces are handcrafted in the United States in an eco-friendly earth-sheltered art studio in Upstate New York. Patrons are to be assured that no feathers from tropical or endangered birds are used. Masks, headbands, and hair clips are all backed with soft felt for maximum comfort. Gypsy Renaissance stands behind the quality of every piece in its collection and prides itself on providing excellent customer service. 



The History of Masks

Masks are one of the oldest forms of art in existence. The oldest mask known to exist dates back over 9000 years to the neolithic period, although the practice of mask making likely dates back even further. Masks have been worn in societies and cultures from all periods of history, on all continents, and for a variety of purposes. Masks are worn for protection, as status symbols, for theatrical presentations, and in ritualistic and religious ceremonies. They can depict humans, animals, and even gods. From the tribal masks of Sub-Saharan Africa to Jewish Purim masks. From the porcelain masks of East Asia to the golden masks of the Middle East. From simple wood carvings to the most ornate Halloween and Carnevale costumes. Masks have always been a vital piece of human artistic expression and Gypsy Renaissance prides itself on following in this time honored tradition.

Neolithic stone mask (c. 7000 B.C.)

Neolithic stone mask (c. 7000 B.C.)

Golden Mask of Agamemnon

Golden Mask of Agamemnon