Leather and Lace Masks - Sexy, Gothic, and Classy

Gypsy Renaissance is proud to introduce their newest mask collection, "Leather & Lace."

The idea for the collection was inspired by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley's song, titled Leather and Lace.  With an assortment of lace fabric overlays, lace petals, and leather embossed fabrics, the collection offers sexy, gothic, and classy pieces with a variety of color options. The master feather work that Alexis, head artist is known for is of course included on many of the masks in the collection as well.  

Visit the full collection, now available online at : Leather & Lace Mask Collection




Click on image for purchasing details


Click on image for purchasing details

We hope you enjoy our wearable works of art... it's time to masquerade!

-Alexis Seepo & Jade Popkin  (Mother, and Daughter, working together to individually handcraft each mask, proudly in the USA)


Artists Guide to New Orleans & Mardi Gras

As professional mask makers, Alexis and Jade have traveled to New Orleans during Mardi Gras season for the past few years and discovered some inspiring and unforgettable activities, shops, music, and artist must sees! New Orleans is a magical place for discovery, creativity and fun. Here are our favorite memorable artist to do's in the city:

Visit The Presbytère - Louisiana State Museum

When passing through the French Quarter, visit the museum for a two part exhibition. When first entering the museum, starting out on the 1st floor, you'll take a heart wrenching journey through the experience of Hurricane Katrina. With video footage, personal stories, and scientific explanation, you'll be fully immersed in the storm, and gain an insiders perspective. A difficult, but important learning experience to understand the strength of the city, it's people, and culture. 

Head upstairs after, for an uplifting, vibrant exhibit on Mardi Gras! A colorful look at the amazing handmade costumes, parade floats, artifacts, music, and history of the Mardi Gras Krewes. The original work displayed for the weeks long celebration are absolutely inspiring and impressive! From headdresses, to masks, and parade floats, it's a true display of magnificent art created with historical and cultural purpose.   

Explore Maskarade - Mask Shop

Located at 630 St. Ann Street in the French Quarter, this New Orleans shop is unlike any other. After window shopping around, you'll see the overwhelming number of shops with the same purple, green, and gold souvenirs. To change it up, stop in Maskarade. With wall to wall display of artist made masks, you'll get some good laughs transforming into different characters while trying them on. You'll truly appreciate the work and artistry of mask making when you see the variety they have, created by dozens of artists. When purchasing a mask from this shop, you'll have an authentic New Orleans craft to take home, while supporting the artists who created them.

Catch Some Beads at a Mardi Gras Parade

If you are in New Orleans for Mardi Gras season, you can't miss the experience of the parades. If drinking on the streets, and hardcore partying isn't your scene, there are plenty of locations outside of the downtown area to get a more family friendly thrill. Uptown is a great area to catch the parades where you have room to move around and catch your fair share of beads, goodies, and maybe even a special decorated shoe from the Krewe of Muses! There are restaurants in the area to catch a delicious meal, a glass of wine, and a street view while the parades pass by. Don't forget to check the parade routes and schedules. Plan ahead, and jump on public transportation if you can, to avoid parking problems.

Dance to Some New Orleans Live Music

New Orleans is known for its eclectic music scene. Check event listings or ask a local about what music is in town while you are visiting. There are tons of small clubs, and venues throughout the city offering varied music styles. During Mardi Gras season, head over to Family Gras in Metairie, which offers free outdoor concerts with local and national musicians, and great food trucks for local cuisine too! If visiting at the time of New Orleans Jazz Fest, enjoy multiple days of dancing and amazing music, but don't forget to browse the marketplace for an abundance of beautiful arts and crafts! Get inspired at the Congo Square African Marketplace.



Get inspired, eat, dance, laugh, and explore. Ya'll will have an unforgettable experience in New Orleans!

Be sure to pick up one of Andrea Mistretta's famous posters from her annual Mardi Gras series

Be sure to pick up one of Andrea Mistretta's famous posters from her annual Mardi Gras series

Have a delicious Beignet and people watch while sitting at the famous Cafe Du Monde

Have a delicious Beignet and people watch while sitting at the famous Cafe Du Monde

Browse the Frenchmen Art Market for a great variety of work

Browse the Frenchmen Art Market for a great variety of work

Dress up for the occasion! 

Dress up for the occasion! 

Why it's important to buy handmade from American artists

     With the internet at our fingertips, many of us don't even leave the house to do our shopping. We have access to millions of sites, and more products available than we can wrap our heads around. And when we do leave the house, why not just go to the big box stores to do all our shopping in one place? A wonderland to find everything from clothing to groceries, garden products and the two month too early holiday goodies. Well, because we save time and money, Hooray!

This country has become spoiled by convenience and oh boy, do we love deals! It's time to be more discerning about the quality of the products we purchase and where they come from. 

     While shopping online it can be difficult to even know where products come from. You aren't going to see a big label stating "Proudly Made in China." It's nothing to brag about. Outsourcing to other countries has put many Americans out of business, and our money is stimulating other economies, rather than our own. While it is hard to resist lower prices, taking the extra step to find USA made items and maybe spending a little extra money can make a big difference for your fellow neighbors, friends, and yourself. Contributing to one American's business endeavor will lift us all as a society.

          It may seem obvious but it needs to be said. You get what you pay for. Often, quality is inferior when you buy the cheaper products from other countries. The labor is cheaper, thus the time isn't put in for great workmanship. The materials are cheaper, thus a lower quality. A simple equation with the end result of a less valuable product. 

Now lets take it a step further. Why handmade in the USA? We have so many talented artists in this country, and we aren't just talking about painters, and sculptors. Art comes in many forms including cooking, jewelry making, gardening, architecture, fashion, and much more. There is something to be said that working with our hands and interacting directly with our work brings out the best in what we create. Factory work may have calculated production, but handmade creations come with passion, pride and dedication. 

How do we make a difference? Shop local. Visit the town's arts and crafts fairs, stop by local farmer's markets, and boutiques. Strike up a conversation with local shop owners, and get inspired by their stories. When online, weeding through the endless options can be overwhelming. To narrow it down, visit websites for handmade work such as Etsy, and ArtFire, and soon to launch Amazon Handmade. Or just add the keywords "Handmade in the USA" to your online searches. You'll be surprised what beautiful, unique, and high quality items are out there that you can be proud to purchase knowing you are making a positive contribution. 


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Party Masks for all Occasions

   Gypsy Renaissance now has a new collection of Party Masks! As per request by our masqueraders, we are happy to now offer masks at a price range of $35 to $45.

    They are fantastic for all occasions including Sweet 16, Quinceanera, Mardi Gras, Prom, Wedding events, and much more! With a variety of color options, and styles, these masks are a great option for memorable masquerade parties and fun photographs. 

    All Party Masks come with ribbon ties and are individually hand made by the artists! And of course, you can expect the highest quality work that Gypsy Renaissance is known for. 


Check out all the Party Masks here! 

More styles to come, so stay tuned throughout the year!

                  Jamboree Party Mask

                  Jamboree Party Mask

                        Gala Party Mask

                        Gala Party Mask

Donald Trump's Unique Mask request

Alexis Seepo has designed masks for quite a few celebrities over the years.  One of the most memorable ones was for the Mister Donald Trump. Trump was planning to attend a special masquerade event with Marla Maples in New York.  His request was for a masquerade mask that he could wear over eye glasses, to avoid using ties as it would interfere with his hairdo. This was the first time Gypsy Renaissance had been approached with such an idea. Of course, Alexis was up for the challenge. After experimentation, she found a method of affixing the glasses to the back of the mask, no ties necessary. A comfortable, and attractive solution to the unique request. Mission complete: a masquerade mask mounted on glasses - made just for Trump! 

This technique is now offered by Gypsy Renaissance per request and has been a useful solution to many customers who need to wear their glasses at all times. 

Thank you Donald Trump, for inspiring a new design concept. All due to your famous Trump Hair.


Angel Bride available in White - New Design

Our fabulous Angel Bride masquerade mask from the Wedding Collection, now has an additional color option of white.  The white Angel Bride is covered with white satin fabric, has a row of 5 ostrich plumes and a semi circle of marabou feathers. It is adorned with crystal banding, glass beaded appliqués and white, crystal sprigs. 

The Angel Bride mask is one of our top selling wedding masks for woman.  It is one of the more elaborate wedding masks, light, comfortable, and absolutely stunning.  The Angel Bride Wedding mask is a favorite of many brides that celebrate their big day with a masquerade wedding.  We are very excited to add the white color option to this best seller.


Angel Bride - Wedding Mask - White

Click Here to Purchase:


Pandora Masquerade Mask - New Design

Pandora from the Magic and Myth Mask Collection has a new design.  The new mask is covered with black velvet fabric, and adorned with black iris sequin and glass appliqués. This design is quite similar to our original all jet black design, but with a new touch of color. The companion mask, Mordred also covered in black velvet, still pairs perfectly with the new look of Pandora! 


Visit the new Pandora masquerade mask here : Pandora

Tiffany Masquerade Mask now Available in All Gold

The Tiffany masquerade mask from the Simple Pleasures collection is now available in all Gold. We painted the peacock eye feathers gold and the crystal embellishes are all gold as well. This additional color option is beautiful and can be worn with many different costume, and clothing palettes.  

Of course our original design for the mask with the aquamarine, emerald, and lime green crystals with the natural peacock feathers is still available, now known as Gold/Green.

Purchase Tiffany masquerade mask in All Gold or Green/Gold here:  Tiffany Mask

Delilah Masquerade Mask - New Design

The Delilah masquerade mask from the Simple Pleasures mask collection has a new updated design for 2015.  

Delilah mask is covered with black velvet fabric and decorated with black braiding and black and forest green sequin trim. Mask is embellished with black glass bead and sequin appliqués with iridescent highlights. Mask is finished with glass beaded dangles and black jet jewels. 

We are very happy with this new dramatic look. We replaced the original iridescent sequin pedals with a pair of glass beaded leaves that have a nice colorful shine.  A perfect masquerade mask for Halloween which is just around the corner. 

To purchase Delilah mask click here:  http://www.gypsyrenaissance.com/mask-collections/simple-pleasures-masks/delilah-mask


Gypsy Renaissance plans to update many new mask designs for 2015 - 2016. We are excited to freshen up many of our looks. Stay tuned!

Valentina is Love and Passion

    Summertime is here and the roses are blooming all around us.  In the high desert town of Taos, New Mexico, home to Gypsy Renaissance artist, Jade Popkin, rose gardens are surprisingly abundant.  Jade finds their beauty, colors, and aroma inspiring. This flower symbolizes love, passion, and romance.  The Valentina masquerade mask is an absolutely perfect symbolic pair to the rose.  Valentina, covered in gorgeous red satin fabric, and completely adorned with richly colored red ribbons, appliqués, and crystals, is a beautiful display of love and romance.  This sexy mask is a top seller in many sex boutiques and is a favorite for many.  Wear the Valentina masquerade mask and feel the love beaming from your heart… 





Attending 2016 Halloween & Party Expo!

Gypsy Renaissance is excited to announce that we will once again have a booth at the Halloween and Party Expo in New Orleans for the second year!  The trade show will be a 4 day event held on January 22-25, 2016 at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center located at 900 Convention Center Blvd, in the magical city of New Orleans!

Our booth will display a variety of the masquerade masks, flapper headbands, and hair clips from our collections with additional new designs.  We work our magic throughout the year to create new, unique, beautiful designs that we hope will turn some heads.  

Alexis and Jade will be running the booth at the 2016 Halloween and Party Expo, and of course enjoying the amazing food, music, and joy that New Orleans offers! Come and visit Gypsy Renaissance, try on a masquerade mask or headband, feed your eyes, or just come say hello! See you January 22-25 at the show! 

Gypsy Renaissance Booth at 2015 Halloween & Party Expo in New Orleans

Gypsy Renaissance Booth at 2015 Halloween & Party Expo in New Orleans

What is a Lorgnette?

You will often see the option for a Lorgnette Stick that can be added to your masquerade mask if you want to hold it rather than wear it using our soft cotton ties. Lorgnette? Where did this term come from? 

Derived from the French term "lorgner"… Lorgnette is actually a pair of opera glasses. They have a small handle on the side of the frame used to hold up to the face.  During the 19th century, used by many women as a jewelry piece at the opera and even worn at masquerade parties.

Gypsy Renaissance uses the term Lorgnette stick for masks to serve the same purpose as the spectacles. When adding and item to your shopping cart on the website, you will see the option to have your mask with a lorgnette stick. In addition, there is a choice to have a lorgnette stick and base.  This option allows you to handle your mask by the lorgnette stick, then later display it standing upright. A great option during party events to show off your gorgeous masquerade mask when not handling it. And of course, as decor in your home. 

Left handed? Since all masks are made to order, you are able to request a left handed lorgnette mask.  This can be easily done by adding a special note to your order at check out, or call the artist direct! 607-336--1441

Left handed Lorgnette stick for female mask and companion with traditional tie on mask.

Left handed Lorgnette stick for female mask and companion with traditional tie on mask.

Masks brought to life...

Athena Mask  from the Magic & Myth Collection

Athena Mask from the Magic & Myth Collection

Browsing through the mask collections on www.gypsyrenaissance.com, you will see our mannequin friend "Fifi" displaying our wearable works of art.  She does quite a good job showing off our masks, however, there is nothing like seeing our masks come to life when worn by real-life, smiling masqueraders. While some use masks to hide behind, many use them to radiate their soul, beauty, and colorful energy. Visit our photo gallery to see more happy masqueraders!

HBO's "Bessie" - Gypsy Renaissance Headbands spotted

HBO's movie "Bessie" with Queen Latifah has premiered this week on television.  A Bio-pic about blue's singer Bessie Smith who was nicknamed The Empress of the Blues  and was the most popular female blues singer in the 1920's-30s.  And of course we know, the Roaring 20's had amazing attire including flapper dresses and headbands for the women.  Spotted in the movie, a couple of gals were decking Gypsy Renaissance Flapper Headbands, including the Ivory Mia, one of our top sellers, the Jazz Headband, and others...

Make sure to check out the HBO movie to enjoy the singing, costumes, and music history!

To see our flapper headbands, visit http://www.gypsyrenaissance.com/headbands-and-hair-clips/flapper-headbands/


Custom Masquerade Wedding, Sweet 16, and Quinceanera events

Are you planning to throw a masquerade event and have a dream of exactly how you want it to look?  Gypsy Renaissance specializes in custom design masks for weddings, sweet 16 parties, quinceaneras, charity balls, and much more. If you have a special color scheme, party concept or theme, you can work directly with Alexis Seepo, the owner and head artist of Gypsy Renaissance. You can choose your own budget and Alexis will customize the masks for your party at a cost you can afford.  The process to create a custom mask order is to actually have a phone consultation directly with the artist as you go through the website collections.  You can discuss which looks you like, the feathers, trims, ribbons, crystals, and appliqués you want to use and color choice is up to you! There are many color options to choose from but if you don't see exactly what you are imagining as your dream mask for your masquerade, you may send in a color swatch sample of a fabric from your dress or costume to have a perfect match.  Emailing photographs for references is also great! Not only will your customized mask be unique and one of a kind, it will be inspired by you! If you wish to, you can connect with your creative inner artist and share your ideas with Alexis. She will bring her expertise and work with you to create your dream masquerade event.

Custom Quinceanera Court Masks - Male and Female Masks

Custom Quinceanera Court Masks - Male and Female Masks

Masquerade centerpieces are also available! Masks are put on lorgnette sticks and mounted on decorated bases. Double sided is available as well which look fantastic from all angles.

Contact Alexis directly to set up a phone consultation to work on a custom order: alexis@gypsyrenaissance.net    

Our friends at Unique Vintage looking great in Gypsy Renaissance Masks

The models of one of favorite retail outlets, Unique Vintage, look absolutely amazing in our masquerade masks.  Unique Vintage sells fabulous vintage inspired clothing and accessories.  You may find flapper headbands by Gypsy Renaissance in their store collection as well as our masquerade masks.  The black fabric dresses they wear really show off the masks.  An elegant, high fashion look.  A great look or costume for a wedding, sweet 16, black tie masquerade ball, quinceaneras, Halloween, and much more.  

Visit www.unqiue-vintage.com to see what else they offer!

Model from Unique Vintage wearing the Midnight masquerade mask found in the Enchanted Evening collection   http://www.gypsyrenaissance.com/mask-collections/enchanted-evening-masks/midnight-mask

Model from Unique Vintage wearing the Midnight masquerade mask found in the Enchanted Evening collection


The Best New Year's Eve Events to show off your Gypsy Renaissance Mask or Headband

Are you attending a Masquerade Event for New Year's Eve?  Here are a few perfect venues to show off your Gypsy Renaissance mask or flapper headband! 


-Great Gatsby New Year's Masquerade - ft. Kennedy Jones and LooKas @ Amazura Concert-Hall - Jamaica, NY        https://www.facebook.com/events/500046856710941/

-New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball - Castello di Amorosa - Napa Valley   http://www.castellodiamorosa.com/Events/Wine-Club-Events

-Great Gatsby NYE 2015 @ The Dena' Ina Center in Downtown Anchorage, AK   http://fivestaralaska.com/new-years-eve-party/

-Soho Grand Hotel - Black and White Masquerade Ball - NYC New Years Eve   http://www.grandlifehotels.com/culture/the-aannual-black-white-masquerade-ball-at-soho-grand/

-NYE Masquerade in The Mansion - Roberson Museum and Science Center   http://www.roberson.org/exhibits-events/nye-masquerade-mansion/

-San Francisco Symphony - New Year's Eve Masquerade Ball   http://www.sfsymphony.org/Buy-Tickets/2013-2014/New-Years-Eve-Masquerade-Ball.aspx?gclid=COWtjIKLlMICFQgzaQod7o0A9g

- New Years Eve RI - Rhode Island Convention   http://newyearseveri.com/

-The Phantom of the Opera New Year's Eve Masquerade Party @ Straz Center, Tampa, FL  http://www.strazcenter.org/Events/Other-Straz-Center-Events/New_Year_s_Masquerade_Party.aspx

- Indy New Years Eve Masquerade Ball - Indianapolis   http://www.indynewyears.com/





New Years Eve Masquerade

New Years Eve is quickly approaching! Masquerade events are a popular way to celebrate the transition into the new year.  Gypsy Renaissance has a great variety of masks to choose from to wear for the 2015 New Year celebration.  There is a wide range of styles, prices, colors, and designs which can be found in the collections on the Gypsy Renaissance website:


Custom masks are also a great option to find exactly the right mask for you!  It is a specialty of the artists at Gypsy Renaissance.  You can do a phone consultation to discuss your budget, what style of mask you are looking for, your color preference and much more.  Get your orders in soon because each mask is hand made and are of the finest quality.

Contact Owner and head artist, Alexis at:

alexis@gypsyrenaissance.net   to set up a phone consultation for a special custom mask, just for you.