Donald Trump's Unique Mask request

Alexis Seepo has designed masks for quite a few celebrities over the years.  One of the most memorable ones was for the Mister Donald Trump. Trump was planning to attend a special masquerade event with Marla Maples in New York.  His request was for a masquerade mask that he could wear over eye glasses, to avoid using ties as it would interfere with his hairdo. This was the first time Gypsy Renaissance had been approached with such an idea. Of course, Alexis was up for the challenge. After experimentation, she found a method of affixing the glasses to the back of the mask, no ties necessary. A comfortable, and attractive solution to the unique request. Mission complete: a masquerade mask mounted on glasses - made just for Trump! 

This technique is now offered by Gypsy Renaissance per request and has been a useful solution to many customers who need to wear their glasses at all times. 

Thank you Donald Trump, for inspiring a new design concept. All due to your famous Trump Hair.