Masks brought to life...

Athena Mask  from the Magic & Myth Collection

Athena Mask from the Magic & Myth Collection

Browsing through the mask collections on, you will see our mannequin friend "Fifi" displaying our wearable works of art.  She does quite a good job showing off our masks, however, there is nothing like seeing our masks come to life when worn by real-life, smiling masqueraders. While some use masks to hide behind, many use them to radiate their soul, beauty, and colorful energy. Visit our photo gallery to see more happy masqueraders!

Custom Masquerade Wedding, Sweet 16, and Quinceanera events

Are you planning to throw a masquerade event and have a dream of exactly how you want it to look?  Gypsy Renaissance specializes in custom design masks for weddings, sweet 16 parties, quinceaneras, charity balls, and much more. If you have a special color scheme, party concept or theme, you can work directly with Alexis Seepo, the owner and head artist of Gypsy Renaissance. You can choose your own budget and Alexis will customize the masks for your party at a cost you can afford.  The process to create a custom mask order is to actually have a phone consultation directly with the artist as you go through the website collections.  You can discuss which looks you like, the feathers, trims, ribbons, crystals, and appliqués you want to use and color choice is up to you! There are many color options to choose from but if you don't see exactly what you are imagining as your dream mask for your masquerade, you may send in a color swatch sample of a fabric from your dress or costume to have a perfect match.  Emailing photographs for references is also great! Not only will your customized mask be unique and one of a kind, it will be inspired by you! If you wish to, you can connect with your creative inner artist and share your ideas with Alexis. She will bring her expertise and work with you to create your dream masquerade event.

Custom Quinceanera Court Masks - Male and Female Masks

Custom Quinceanera Court Masks - Male and Female Masks

Masquerade centerpieces are also available! Masks are put on lorgnette sticks and mounted on decorated bases. Double sided is available as well which look fantastic from all angles.

Contact Alexis directly to set up a phone consultation to work on a custom order: