Leather and Lace Masks - Sexy, Gothic, and Classy

Gypsy Renaissance is proud to introduce their newest mask collection, "Leather & Lace."

The idea for the collection was inspired by Stevie Nicks and Don Henley's song, titled Leather and Lace.  With an assortment of lace fabric overlays, lace petals, and leather embossed fabrics, the collection offers sexy, gothic, and classy pieces with a variety of color options. The master feather work that Alexis, head artist is known for is of course included on many of the masks in the collection as well.  

Visit the full collection, now available online at : Leather & Lace Mask Collection




Click on image for purchasing details


Click on image for purchasing details

We hope you enjoy our wearable works of art... it's time to masquerade!

-Alexis Seepo & Jade Popkin  (Mother, and Daughter, working together to individually handcraft each mask, proudly in the USA)


Valentina is Love and Passion

    Summertime is here and the roses are blooming all around us.  In the high desert town of Taos, New Mexico, home to Gypsy Renaissance artist, Jade Popkin, rose gardens are surprisingly abundant.  Jade finds their beauty, colors, and aroma inspiring. This flower symbolizes love, passion, and romance.  The Valentina masquerade mask is an absolutely perfect symbolic pair to the rose.  Valentina, covered in gorgeous red satin fabric, and completely adorned with richly colored red ribbons, appliqués, and crystals, is a beautiful display of love and romance.  This sexy mask is a top seller in many sex boutiques and is a favorite for many.  Wear the Valentina masquerade mask and feel the love beaming from your heart…