Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  How are the masks made?

A:  All designs are 100% handmade in the United States by Designer/Owner Alexis Seepo.

Q:  What types of materials does Gypsy Renaissance use?

A:  We use the finest quality materials from around the world including specially selected feathers, fabrics, stones, beads, sequins, and trimmings.  Patrons are to be assured that no feathers from tropical birds or endangered species are used.

Q:  What additional design options are available?

A:  All masks can be purchased with display bases or decorative lorgnettes.  Click here for details.

Q:  Are custom designs available?

A:  Gypsy Renaissance specializes in custom design.  We work with your budget and allow you to contribute input as you desire.  We'll even match a mask to your gown or wardrobe.  Please visit our Custom Designs page and view our Customer Photo Gallery.

Q:  How do I care for my mask or wearable artwork?

A:  It is best not to display pieces in direct sunlight.  An occasional light fluffing with a hair dryer on low setting will remove dust and restore freshness.  Dyed feathers are not colorfast.  Masks come with additional replacement rhinestones.


Please contact us with any other questions or comments.  We would be happy to help you.